Robert McCaskill, Film Director

Rob McCaskill, on set of his feature film, “Detours” starring Tara Westwood and Carlo Fiorletta.

I will help you identify problems that other teachers have missed. I will articulate those problems for you, so that you can get a handle on them, and I will suggest new ways to overcome them. I’ve never seen an actor top out. Any actor who continues to focus attention on acquiring new skills will become a better actor. Your talent is bottomless. It will continue to bloom when you add new understanding and bring the growth you’ve found as a person into your work as an actor.

– Robert McCaskill

Coaching is offered in person and through Skype for actors on set or working in other markets.

Celebrity Rate: $250.00 per hour

Working Actor Rate: $100.00 per hour

Struggling Actor Rate: $75.00 per hour